Pecorino naturally seasoned without lactose

Pecorino naturally seasoned without lactose

Lactose-free cheeses: it seems a contradiction - cheeses are made of milk - but it is not. Contrary to popular belief, those who are lactose intolerant should not eliminate all cheeses from their diet, but only a part.

In general, hard or extra hard ones do not contain or contain very little. Why? The experts know this: the lactose with the maturation turns into lactic acid.

But what exactly is lactose? A sugar that, if you do not have the enzyme lactase, is responsible for breaking down the lactose into glucose and galactose, fermenting in the bacterial flora of the intestine.

Hard and semi-hard cheeses are safer because during the preparation of the cheese - when pressed to make it hard - the liquid (the whey) comes out, as well as the lactose. In some dairy products it can obviously remain a track but, unlike some fresh cheeses, the levels are low.

Obviously if you are lactose intolerant you will generally have to moderate the consumption of cheeses, but with some of these you can indulge in some feast like our seasoned Pecorino.

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